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Explaining this Account.

2007-08-23 18:21:53 by MaestroSegments

Would be a long and tiresome task. I'll update it all later, but bottom line, this account used to be "SoulStrings", and now I use it to put up my loops. For all questions and the such, please pm my main account at I swear i'll be able to help you out there, as I check on that account daily :D!


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2008-01-30 22:57:25

OMG I know all your alts now! Your account Maestrosorrow had some of the best classical songs I've heard.


2008-03-05 22:06:48

if this is maestroRage and MaestroSorrow i just have 2 ask... how many accounts do u have and whats their names? lol


2008-04-21 16:36:40

hi there