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I'd buy this game if it were for the console.

Reminds me ALOT of Front Mission games, I loved them all.

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It wasn't bad sonicxtreme, but this song is very very repetitive, I mean all you have is that going up and then back down gated synth, with percussional changes here and there.

The song has more potential then that.

Some ideas, you are FL, so I would suggest you open up the mixer (press f9), and in one of the boxes put Reverb. This I say for your claps and hi hats. Reverbed claps sound much more real, and the overall feel of it is a pretty neat one, I would highly recommend you try it out.

Pads. You should use a pad going on in the background to fill up the "empty" feeling I get from this song. It needs more layers, more power behind it you know?

Still, it did serve as a great ambiant track, i've listened to it for nearly an hour straight, no complaints.

It could just be me, I overly enjoy putting layer after layer after layer on my songs :D. I would like to invite you to check some of them out sometime.

Anyways, back to this piece. You had some good side effects going on here, the scratch sound serves it's purpose well.

I would have liked the kick to be a bit louder. Try reverbing it, and if you're feeling really fiesty that day, try putting a delay effect on it as well, that too makes for an excellent feel.

Anyways, that all I can think up of for now, keep them coming! You'll improve with time.

sonicxtreme responds:

yes i know.....i have a problem with the tracks variety...and im still a stranger with the fx....but ill make a good track someday..tnx

Has great potential.

Hello TMM43

Due to the shortness of the song, there wasn't much for me to analyse, but what I did get from it was a kind of build up, more and more and more, kind of a pulsing energy.

The feel itself is good, what it lacks is diversity in percussional areas, and some other synths. I would like to hear that kick louder, so that it could make a better stand with the song, I also think that using pads in the background would greatly help this song feel more "full".

Again, I really liked the way you had that build up, I think if you used a crash, or some kind of explosive start right after it, it would have sounded neater.

All suggestions and ideas TMM43, at the end of the day of course I am the mere suggestor and you're the creator right? Don't take any of this as me slandering against you or anything, these are just my genuiene thoughts about the piece.

Good stuff, keep up the good fight, keep your chin up and keep them coming!

TMM43 responds:

Thanks for your review SoulStrings!

Yeah, this song was only a test to see whether or not I should continue this song. I also got the feeling that the build up could have been stronger shortly after I uploaded it onto Newgrounds.

I will take your advice and add a pad or 2, and the drum beat in the back is indeed lacking...

I am open to ALL reviews, as long as they explain what they did and did not like.

Once again thank you very much for your review.


Hello Deflektor76

Sorry about my lack of reviews, i'm quite busy with an uber project which I think will help alot of people here on Newgrounds, and thats been eating alot of my time.

But enough with that, lets begin our review be analysing the mood and atmosphere as usual.

I see regret, for sure, the oppressive piano portrays it well, the chord progression played by that piano, it's a classic no? I love that chord, it is so damn useful, and works so damn well.

That harmonica of course, is a very effective instrument in invoking the feeling you wanted to create. I can see a Wester Cowboy person leaning against a wall, playing the harmonica, his hat tilted down so you can't see his eyes, only the tears that ran down his cheek.

An impressive feel, I think this is one of your better pieces, I really liked it.

Lets talk abit about instruments and melody.

That constant piano chord not only supports a foundation for the rest of the song, but gives off the right feel to emphasize the rest of the song as well.

There wasn't a huge twisting and turning in the song, it was nice and constant throughout, and that is a good way to depict regret, especially if this was to be used in a flash *hint hint, to all flash creators*.

I don't think there are thoughts I have to add more to it, I think if more was added to it, it may jeapordize the song's nature.

I guess thats it for this song, keep your chin up, the fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming Deflektor.

You should really write a story to all these characters and everything, it would make for an interesting read.

Deflektor responds:

Wow,what a pleasant review!Now i'm sure about my ability to picture emotions!
"You should really write a story to all these characters and everything, it would make for an interesting read":it is currently in project.Let me explain what is -SOES-,then:It is just a bunch of stories i imagined by hearing again and again my stuff(these stories were the stories of the 8 characters i pictured).It wasn't some kind of project for flash series or something.Then,i used the base of these stories as a muse.So,i gather all the stories i have imagined to make a whole scenario.If someone,or yourself,wants more details on it,just have to ask.Thanks alot for this review!

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