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It wasn't bad sonicxtreme, but this song is very very repetitive, I mean all you have is that going up and then back down gated synth, with percussional changes here and there.

The song has more potential then that.

Some ideas, you are FL, so I would suggest you open up the mixer (press f9), and in one of the boxes put Reverb. This I say for your claps and hi hats. Reverbed claps sound much more real, and the overall feel of it is a pretty neat one, I would highly recommend you try it out.

Pads. You should use a pad going on in the background to fill up the "empty" feeling I get from this song. It needs more layers, more power behind it you know?

Still, it did serve as a great ambiant track, i've listened to it for nearly an hour straight, no complaints.

It could just be me, I overly enjoy putting layer after layer after layer on my songs :D. I would like to invite you to check some of them out sometime.

Anyways, back to this piece. You had some good side effects going on here, the scratch sound serves it's purpose well.

I would have liked the kick to be a bit louder. Try reverbing it, and if you're feeling really fiesty that day, try putting a delay effect on it as well, that too makes for an excellent feel.

Anyways, that all I can think up of for now, keep them coming! You'll improve with time.

sonicxtreme responds:

yes i know.....i have a problem with the tracks variety...and im still a stranger with the fx....but ill make a good track someday..tnx

Has great potential.

Hello TMM43

Due to the shortness of the song, there wasn't much for me to analyse, but what I did get from it was a kind of build up, more and more and more, kind of a pulsing energy.

The feel itself is good, what it lacks is diversity in percussional areas, and some other synths. I would like to hear that kick louder, so that it could make a better stand with the song, I also think that using pads in the background would greatly help this song feel more "full".

Again, I really liked the way you had that build up, I think if you used a crash, or some kind of explosive start right after it, it would have sounded neater.

All suggestions and ideas TMM43, at the end of the day of course I am the mere suggestor and you're the creator right? Don't take any of this as me slandering against you or anything, these are just my genuiene thoughts about the piece.

Good stuff, keep up the good fight, keep your chin up and keep them coming!

TMM43 responds:

Thanks for your review SoulStrings!

Yeah, this song was only a test to see whether or not I should continue this song. I also got the feeling that the build up could have been stronger shortly after I uploaded it onto Newgrounds.

I will take your advice and add a pad or 2, and the drum beat in the back is indeed lacking...

I am open to ALL reviews, as long as they explain what they did and did not like.

Once again thank you very much for your review.


Hello Deflektor76

Sorry about my lack of reviews, i'm quite busy with an uber project which I think will help alot of people here on Newgrounds, and thats been eating alot of my time.

But enough with that, lets begin our review be analysing the mood and atmosphere as usual.

I see regret, for sure, the oppressive piano portrays it well, the chord progression played by that piano, it's a classic no? I love that chord, it is so damn useful, and works so damn well.

That harmonica of course, is a very effective instrument in invoking the feeling you wanted to create. I can see a Wester Cowboy person leaning against a wall, playing the harmonica, his hat tilted down so you can't see his eyes, only the tears that ran down his cheek.

An impressive feel, I think this is one of your better pieces, I really liked it.

Lets talk abit about instruments and melody.

That constant piano chord not only supports a foundation for the rest of the song, but gives off the right feel to emphasize the rest of the song as well.

There wasn't a huge twisting and turning in the song, it was nice and constant throughout, and that is a good way to depict regret, especially if this was to be used in a flash *hint hint, to all flash creators*.

I don't think there are thoughts I have to add more to it, I think if more was added to it, it may jeapordize the song's nature.

I guess thats it for this song, keep your chin up, the fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming Deflektor.

You should really write a story to all these characters and everything, it would make for an interesting read.

Deflektor responds:

Wow,what a pleasant review!Now i'm sure about my ability to picture emotions!
"You should really write a story to all these characters and everything, it would make for an interesting read":it is currently in project.Let me explain what is -SOES-,then:It is just a bunch of stories i imagined by hearing again and again my stuff(these stories were the stories of the 8 characters i pictured).It wasn't some kind of project for flash series or something.Then,i used the base of these stories as a muse.So,i gather all the stories i have imagined to make a whole scenario.If someone,or yourself,wants more details on it,just have to ask.Thanks alot for this review!


Hello Bezo

lets begin our review by analysing mood and atmosphere the song presents to the listener.

That intro, I think really proves useful to usher in the song, it makes the mind sit into the frame of "triumphant" battle, and by doing that at the beginning, whatever melodies you threw at them later, they would somehow find a way to stick to the battle image.

I'm seeing a rather light hearted fight to this piece. Like a group of young whipper snappers are going to slap around some jelly monsters... those pansies!


This image is nailed home at 1:47, though that sad melody that happens around 1:56 makes me think that the jelly has proven a much more difficult task then they had imagined.

Thats what they get for using wooden swords... idiots...


It's a great and long piece, I definatly enjoyed listening to it... again... and again... and again once more :D.

Enough about that, lets talk abit about instruments and melody.

There is a great deal of diversity in the piece, constantly jumping and shifting, of course, during the whole time it finds itself without digressing too much from the original feel, which is of course a pretty important element in the song.

You also managed to use a lot of instruments without clashing into each other. I know for a fact how very incredibly difficult that is, so kudo's on accomplishing that pretty well.

I don't think I have any ideas on what instruments to add or remove, I think this song was plenty diverse instrument and melody wise.

Really that's all I can say, great stuff, keep it coming.

5/5 from me Bezo, keep your chin up, fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming ^^.

Bezo responds:

This is definitely not what I had in mind when I was writing it, but by god if your interpretation isn't better. Thanks.



Hello Bosa

Oh man, I was just about to sleep, when suddenly I see this piece.

Celtic you say eh?! I love Celtic! *click*

Right away, I am thrown into a celtic hoe down of sorts!

I'm quite curious as to where you got the samples, you see i'm a very ethnical composer, and like to use new instruments and the such, and I'm lacking a good accordian, panflute, and Dulcimer.

Well enough with my questions, lets get to the song itself shall we!?

Lets talk about mood and atmosphere.
Mood = :D
Atmosphere = >:D

Mischevious *Did I spell that right?*, with those small Leprachauns *I KNOW I mispelled that one*, I'm seeing alot of them in this piece. Stealing my pot of gold... bastards >:(.

Energetic, joyful, enticing, all words that would help paint the story for this song.

Lets talk a bit about instruments and melody.

There is no way in hell i'd suggest you use any form of choir, bell in this, look at that, this is the second time you've made me say that, and those bagpipes ARE technically a woodwind, so I suppose no need for a flute either.

But still, I can't help but wonder what it would be like if you had a flute playing alongside that bagpipe. An interesting sound I am sure, but of course one that may ultimately ruin that whole Celtic festivity.

Festive! That word I believe describes this song wonderfully!

It does end a tad abruptly, those damn green midgets runded away with my gold!


I see a reverb was in effect :D, as the trailing echo in the end would suggest.

I have really nothing else to say, I should probably put down my dog and let her sleep, bless her soul, she hates dancing.

Keep your chin up and the fighting spirit strong, keep them coming ^^.

Goodbye Bosa.

Bosa responds:

Ah, Miss Dumphy has her Piccolo in her segment! Once I'm ready to upload it, you'll get the nice flute in with the dancing. My friend, Moses, (Not Moses from the bible) playes a mean Irish Tin Whistle. I could use his talent at my disposal.


Damn impressive...

Hello DavidOrr

Well you've been kind enough to drop me several reviews, and damn it, they were all helpful, so I said "Lets go check out what David's doing!


You killeded my hopes of flourishing! I joke I jest, this song has given me an intense drive to improve.

Lets begin our review by analysing mood and atmosphere.

I am hearing extremely high quality sounds, and I think they may be from East West Gold if I am not mistaken.

Thank you kind sir, you have swayed my heart to a new allegiance. Go East West!

It's incredibly epic, I don't really think I have to drive any of that home, I could definatly see this in any game, or movie. Me personally, I see a great fortress under siege, but for some reason, I see only 5 defenders in the fort, against a swarm of many thousands.

They're probably insanely powerful people, I don't know, there are so many images that come through my head with this song, its kinda funny.

At 0:58, that part I believe is what Arbiter was talking about, and though I do agree with him on his points, I believe this would be fine as it is as well.

Enough about mood, i'm afraid there is simply too many images for me to properly sit down with one and talk about it, instead lets talk about melody and instruments.

Tell me, that violin? you have playing at 1:32, what effects did you do to it? How did you get it sounding like that? I have been dying to try and find out, for I feel several of my pieces requires that kind of energy fused into it, otherwise they are bland, and simply unusable.

Another thought is flute. I didn't hear it here, and though I imagine it's not a very good instrument to depict the sea, I felt it would be a good instrument to depict wind, and seeing as its a stormy sea, I would have liked to hear a flute :).

I love the bells, I adore them, I love the large shiny brassy shape of them, i'd make sweet love to bells and strings, the two instruments that are in my head, the worlds greatest invention, and the fact you have so many strings, and the perfect use of bells, makes this my biblical song.

These are most of my organizable thoughts David. I salute you good sir, keep up the good fight, and the fighting spirit strong, above all keep them coming ^^.

Goodbye DavidOrr.

DavidOrr responds:

Woah, long review. Let's see here...

Gold is correct. Glad you like East West, they are wonderful in everything they produce!

Violin is from Gold as well. I used 3 different samples to get that effect though (keyswitching is VERY VALUABLE)!

I thought about a flute, but it never really fit into the piece. I love flutes, so it was a great loss indeed. I was very happy to get bells though, becuase I too love them!

Always great to hear from you, and thanks for the support!


Hello Bosa.

Lets begin our review by analysing the mood and atmosphere the song sets.

I do not see your description, but I do not see hope either as said in another review. I see bitter despair, I see a man weeping his shoulders hunched over, looking at a map, many many red wooden blocks, surrounding sparse blue ones.

He was not losing his land Bosa, he was losing his home, he is losing his future, his legacy, his spirit, and everything he ever looked at and thought "How wonderful". He loses all of this, and though his rage burns brighter then any fire, the blaze is tiny when compared to the demons that strike at his home.

That is the story I get, the mood of course being a hopeless, bitter fight. Not a fight he was about to just throw away, but not a fight he could win either.

The atmosphere being a deep, cruel, heartless surrounding.

I suppose, I did see your description...

Anyways, lets talk a bit about instruments shall we?

Now, those spic strings, they were very very impressive Bosa. I had never thought of using those spic strings like that, tell me, did you use two seperate channels one panned to the left, and the other to the right, or did you use one, and then pan them accordingly? I have to tell you, I am generally very against panning sounds, as I think, or well, thought, that they were quite distracting, and took away from the song, but not in this case at all. Either way, it was quite clever. I hope you don't mind me stealing the idea ;).

You know, in every song I hear, I am always thinking, Bells would sound good, choirs would sound good, and flutes would be good. But in this song, I honestly don't think you need bells or choirs. I think the two would actually DIMINISH the songs power. Print out that sentence and frame it Bosa, I very very rarely say that, in fact this would be my first.

The melody those spics play are in my mind, actually the very foundation for the song, not support, I think of them as pure foundation. They set the atmosphere so damn succesfully, and then you layer those others instruments.

The only ONLY instrument I can think of adding, French Horn, and to a much lesser extent, flute. Now I know you're thinking "But SoulStrings, you lying sack of CRAP, you saided in your sentence those three instruments don't work! >:(" well, I said Bells and Choir, I still think a flute would have been quite neat. I of course do not really think they would be an essential or even all that helpful, but I wonder still, what the song would have been like with them.

The French Horns on the other side, I think if you made them play a melody like you have your cello's playing, I think that would have added an intense flavour.

Other then that, I loved it. Do pm me, or email me when you have a new song out, this was quite enjoyable. Great stuff, keep your chin up, the fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming!

Goodbye Bosa.

Bosa responds:

Whoa. Okay, after reading this, you are indeed the great reviewer on Newgrounds. Now, I'm not a man of happiness, yet I am a man of neutrality. The spics is yours, take the idea. I'm quite speachless at the moment. I never knew I'd hear this coming from you. Anyways, I'll keep you informed.



Hello General_Leo

You know, i've always wondered what to do with those songs that never ever seem to want to expand, and I know what you're feeling with this piece.

I cannot think of how to expand it myself, but what the hey, lets give it a shot shall we?

Lets talk a bit about mood and atmosphere.

Well it's definatly a energetic piece, and definatly it's got elements of Techno, kinda reminds of a melting Ice temple ;).

It loops damn well though, i'll give it that.

Lets talk a bit about instruments.
Good use of synths, everything flows, rapidly yes, but flows non the less.

Good bass use at the end, makes for a great way to loop.

Lets talk about possibilities.

Well the bass end gives you the chance to go one of two ways. You can either go back to the energetic segment, like you had in the beginning, or you could go quiet, maybe build up on that bass line.

Maybe a build up, and a total change in direction?

It is one of those songs, that have potential, but its so hard to know what to do with it.

Sorry I guess I can't be of much help to you ;).

Well keep the fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming.

Also alot of these tracks are either Trance or Classical or Classical Rock, putting them into Misc, doesn't really get them listened to.

Goodbye General_Leo.

LoneEagle responds:

Lol, melting ice temple :D

Yea a build up and then a change of direction would be a good idea but i have no clue at all what to implement and stay on the same track... Maybe at a later time i'll be able to do something with it.

I know that the misc. section is less visited than the other sections but i just don't know exactly where they go. Like i didn't know or i didn't consider any of my pieces "classical rock". I'll try and put my songs into some genres in the futur.

Thanks for the review SoulStrings.


Hello Generel_Leo

Lets begin our review by analysing mood and atmosphere.

That beginning reminds me of a level in Mech Commander 2, it was a pretty sad level, but thats irrelevant, the beginning though generic, proved useful to usher in the rest of the song.

I gotta tell you, the sudden piano introduction, I would normally say was too abrupt, but I felt in this occurance it worked. The overall feel of the song is quite energetic, for an ice temple, i'd have expected more laid back X_x. This makes me think its a hip, happening ice temple, where the nuns wear fur Bikini's 'n stuff... *cough*, BACK ON TOPIC!

Seriously though, quite energetic, I didn't see much evolution of the song in itself, but it was still quite good for what was there.

I really liked the flute you brought in near the end, gave it an unexpected twist.

lets talk a bit about instruments.

I liked the percussional aspects of the song, it wasn't brain splitting new, but it proved itself quite useful, and the bass you had going, made me think the song quite interesting. You've given me an image of an ice covered landscape with a new light, and no I don't mean because of the fur wearing bikini nuns.

I liked the bell, worked well.

I think you should get some better choirs. If you google Papelmedia Choir's you will find some pretty damn decent ones, I used them for a long time before I got plugsound, but i'm going to get them again, because they have a great range of sounds you may be interested in using.

The choir melody wasn't that diverse, but it added it's own power.

Loved the tambarines.

I wonder though, what it would sound like if you added a French Horn section with that flute near 1:38, I think the two would have really complimented each other, and the French Horn would have been the substitute for the bass that stopped at that part too.

Lets see... I think thats all I can think about at the moment General_Leo.

Keep your chin up, the fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming!

Goodbye General_Leo.

LoneEagle responds:

Hello SoulStrings :D

I never played mech commander 2, so i can't really say somethin here.

I didn't want to linger on with the synth for too long or just put the windshimes all alone. I wanted to the piece to begin sooner lol. That's why the piano came in pretty soon.

Mmmmm... nuns in fur bikinis... good idea :D

You are correct, it deoesn't evolve too much but i think it stays good all along. I didn't pull any difficult tricks and crap to make really change the song.

I'll check the choir thing that you mentioned, thanks for mentionning it. I really thought that these were ok choirs. You see the choirs i had before were the default from FL and they sucked quite alot. Even better choir samples would be awesome!

Thanks alot for this nice review. I'll be sure to check out your music soon!


Hello Cornandbeans.

Lets begin our review by analysing mood and atmosphere.

The piece starts off soft and sweet, like the trailer to a movie.

at 0:20 you brought in a violin? and I felt that it was played well, good melodic work there.

at 0:58, the song at its fullest power. It ended a tad too soon though, I felt like you should have introduced a french horn, it would have given the song an unbelievable epic element, which I think this song convey.

at around 2:00 you make the song quiet, and I wonder, if this was a good idea. Now don't get me wrong, the segment is good, I just don't know if it fits. I felt the decline was too quick, and the pickup at 2:36 equally abrupt. It's as if this segment found its way into the song, didn't really know what to do and so just, did stuff, and then left.

at 3:22, you know, I swear I thought I heard the starting of a choir, later I realized no such thing, but I wonder what it would have been like if you had a choir indeed. I think it would have added a great deal more power.

Then again, in the end I am the mere suggestor and you the creator right ;)?

Anyways, lets talk a bit about instruments.

I honestly thought that though the instruments you picked were amazing, I felt you could have added more to it.

For example at 0:58 when you shower us with that melody, I thought that if you had put a tubular bell to go off at that point, it would have introduced the segment better, as well as have it start off with more power.

The lack of crashes was actually a good thing, I am glad you did not use them here.

Well thats all I can think of for now, keep your chin up and the fighting spirit strong, keep them coming ^^.

Goodbye cornandbeans.

cornandbeans responds:

Wow, thanks for the review! I did this when I was new to FL, I might take my chances at creating a new track using what you mentioned. The only thing is, I can't find a decent french horn soundfont. If you could direct me to where I could find a sample like that, I would be even more grateful. Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to listen and review my song.


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